How To Get Into DPRK Pyongyang, North Korea

You may have millions of reason to visit North Korea. Maybe you always dreamed of visiting this country and have a great time celebrating the late Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday? Visiting North Korea can be challenging, and you will not have the freedom to explore the country without a North Korean escort, either as part of a group or individual tour.

Tours?!? Where is the freedom to explore the country?

Once in DPRK you are free to go wherever your guides take you, and you must have guides – two of them, a male and a female, even if you are a solo traveler. Not to worry, though, the tours are comprehensive and you will enjoy yourself and not feel as if they are babysitting you – you will really enjoy your guides as they are all just great people.

North Korea can only be visited by an organized tour, but this can be a large group or a party of one. Prices start from around USD1,000/€900/GBP770 for a 5-day group tour including accommodation, meals, and transport from Beijing. NewKoreaTours

That’s sound not bad at all, do I need a Visa to visit?

Yes, Visas are obtained through authorized travel operators who have agreements with Korea International Travel Corporation – the only travel company in DPRK. These travel operators will arrange for your visa and will also arrange a fully guided tour on your behalf – either private, small group or large group.

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting?

They will probably sit down and explain the rules ahead of time. Keep your mouth shut and you will be fine. You don’t have to talk about how great the Kim family is, the Juche ideology, the Songun policy and the ruling Worker’s Party of Korea. Simply avoid these topics if you can do so. Be polite, nod and bow when others do and there will be no problems.

The authorities are very touchy, and you need to watch what you say and how you say it. Some topics such as South Korean’s living standard and the capitalist reform in China will definitely make the officials very angry. Just do what the guides do, praise every stop on your tour, and remember the golden rule, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all.

Keep in mind that anyone can be an undercover government agent, so respond accordingly when this subject is at hand, always keep in mind you might be tested and pushed into admitting your real feelings on these subjects, whatever they may be. You and your guide are likely to face serious trouble.

Be prepared for your laptop and camera to be inspected as you leave, they will check that you haven’t taken unapproved photographs or videos.

I would like to thanksTheeHumanMeat and WorldTraveller19 for sharing the following pictures from their trip to North Korea.

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